I am a traveller, a wanderer, a gatherer of inspiration from journeys

Martina Gruber by Gill Rosselli – 2016

It is through the long road trips, the long walks and cycling tours where I am truly inspired and relaxed. I am a lover of adventure, exploration, and the unfolding of the journey. I dig the medium of image: I am drawn to the seemingly unremarkable and the wide view.



What I am passionate about

Much of my professional life has been fuelled by my passion to organise and manage trans_culture projects that span across the divide between separate cultural entities.

I am a peoples’ person, photographer, entrepreneur, anthropologist and a trained expert in the art of stress management. I have traversed continents and cultures, finding places that emotionally imprint upon me along the way. Places I have called home include the Salzburger Pinzgau and the Austrian Capital City Vienna, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and the Southern African Region.

Currently I live and create work in Harare, Zimbabwe. Life here is extraordinary and delicate!