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An exhibition at Nel Gallery, Cape Town, July 2022.

Formed by the four artists Gillian Rosselli, Martina Gruber, Tosca Marthinus and Neena Borrill in February 2022, M I L K was founded as an art collective to articulate self-expression, using their own bodies as a means to convey their individual messages. The topic of gender identity and sexuality is prevalent in their works, done with the intention to bring awareness as to what it means to exist as a queer person/couple in a predominantly conservative environmental upbringing and traditional setting.

Portfolio 2021

A selection of recently created photographic works – to be updated. Please drop a line if you are interested in high resolution images.

1st Prize Photography for the Competition for the Arts: Fast Forward – The Future of Work in a Green Economy

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded 1st Prize Photography by the ILO – International Labour Organization for the Competition of the Arts: Fast Forward – The Future of Work in a Green Economy.

My winning entry: ‘Our responsibility begins with the power to imagine’

The exhibition is currently running at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare until January 2020.

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‘Passing Limitations’ at Women’s Exhibition – National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Currently my work ‘Passing Limitations’ is on exhibit at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare in the:

2019 Women’s Exhibition #BalanceForBetter : Redesigning a Woman’s Space.

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Viennese Poets swimming in the Mediterranean …


… blur poems to the families and lovers at the bottom of the sea, trying to reach Europe.

‘Silent Interviews’ – an ongoing photographic exploration

The ‘Silent Interview’ series focuses on women and the issues / topics they are silent about.


The project is work in progress. The mediums of still photography and video are used to capture expressions and situations, a pose, a gesture, …