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Tsoko Gallery – Water-and-Bird Reflection

In February 2018 the Harare based Tsoko Gallery in cooperation with the British Embassy in Harare called upon artists to submit works towards an art auction whose proceeds were dedicated to a wildlife initiative.

My submitted work ‘Water-and-Bird Reflection’ has been selected by the jury. It was sold at the auction and found a new home in Victoria Falls.

The ‘Water-and-Bird Reflection’ is an invitation to the onlooker to sit and watch and see and wait and to feel the moment when both – water-and-bird in move – pause for a moment, for a blink of an eye. A moment of silence but actually a very loud moment. The reflection is a window into another world, that goes beyond a simple projection of the ‘real’ world. It puts the scene and this moment in time into a much wider context. i.e. the known / the unknown, the touched and untouched.