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‘Passing Limitations’ at Women’s Exhibition – National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Currently my work ‘Passing Limitations’ is on exhibit at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare in the:

2019 Women’s Exhibition #BalanceForBetter : Redesigning a Woman’s Space.

This series of self-portraits is a conversation with a manifesto composed by Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic. The manifesto suggests a sequence of statements and prepositions that are vital according to the author. Abramovic dedicated the manifesto to artists.

The text refers to a number of issues that I personally do consider extremely relevant, notably for women, i.e. living space, movement, limitations, risks, chances, vulnerability. The credo has a captivating effect. As I feel and read it, it suggests a full, free, unorthodox engagement with life, as an artist and as a woman.

The work is a meditation on essential questions. It offers both, limitations and opportunities:

How much do I as a woman, as a female artist allow myself to occupy spaces, allow myself to live up to this manifesto, allow myself to expand my inherited spaces, movements, decisions?

How much do we as women allow into our lives, how much are we prepared to expand fixed and socially constructed structures?

How much attachment do we allow, how much authenticity do we claim, what and how much are we consciously selecting ourselves in the balance for a better and opportune being as a woman?

How do I personally take risks, use and negotiate space differently now, compared to the women in my family in previous generations or me as my younger self?

It’s about bringing women into spaces where they didn’t exist before, where they did not feel comfortable before or felt they had no right to exist or did not dare to explore.