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Glance into my solo exhibition AUGENBLICKE : INSTANTS – May 2019

If Walls Could Talk

This exhibition at Artillery – Tribal and Contemporary Art in Harare (Zimbabwe) is a view through my eyes and a glimpse of my journey and encounters in Zimbabwe and the neighbouring region over the period 2017 – 2019.

I feel a strong connection and deep rooted love for Zimbabwe and the Southern African Region. The exhibition is a passageway through both – my organic and mechanic lenses and invites the viewer to join the discourse on essential issues i.e.: what do we see? can we trust what we see? how do we see and what do we look at?

View Into An Alternate World: Mirage

The details over which I pause are in many cases passed over / overlooked. My photographs provide a luminous glimpse of how I see my surroundings, my work is personal – a reflection on the impacts on my surroundings.


I am mainly drawn to the seemingly unremarkable, views that translate, hold and symbolize the socio-political, the very personal and intimate encounters with people and places. For the most part we call reality only what we can grasp with our hands. The medium of photography allows me to capture a variety of parallel realities I walk across and along. It defines itself via various meta-levels, which compromise several attributes such as playful, communicative, documentary and spontaneous. For me creating meta-levels is the primary interest / task for my photography, so that an image allows to elaborate several deeper levels and generates access to the wider context the photgraphy was taken in.